Aug 25

How To Avoid A Fling Dating Scam


“Don’t let anyone take advantage of you”

Like most things on the Internet, schemers have developed ways to take advantage of honest people. This is particularly true when it comes to online dating. There are persons who will pretend to be who they are not, manipulating the emotions of others to their advantage, soliciting money, items, living space, sex and more. One has to be vigilant these days as dating is not as pure and innocent as it used to be. Online predators are rampant and are notorious as they prosper in fling dating scams. Once they get your attention and affection, they will not stop using you until you decide to stand your ground against them. Once this happens, they will just move on callously to their next victim. These scammers are good at what they do. They understand people and know how to affect their emotions to get the better of them. You have to be aware of these con artists as you try your hand at love online.

Identifying an Online Fling Dating Scam Artist


“They won’t be wearing a mask, but you need to spot the con artists”

Be on the lookout for these characteristics of online fling dating scams and cons who want to steal your money:
They will force pressure you to leave the fling dating site to communicate with them via personal email or through an instant messenger, Skype or text-messaging.
Claims to love you after a very short period of time
Sends an image of themselves that appears much like one from a glamor magazine
They will say that they are from the U.S. but vacationing or working abroad.
They will make arrangements to come visit you but before they make the trip, they will claim that there was a tragic, unavoidable incident that took place
They will ask for money for reasons pertaining to medical emergencies, travel expenses, hospital fees, hotel bills, child care, visa and official document processing costs, financial setbacks or victimization.
They are way too eager to move in with you
They offer to send checks or money orders for you to deposit to your bank account, send back a percentage and keep the rest for yourself.

Two Types Of Fling Dating Scammers and How to Avoid Them

What makes scammers so notoriously successful is that they are highly skilled at the crimes they commit. They are cunning and slick and can move on from one victim to the next before they are ever detected. Sometimes people don’t even realize that they were victimized until long after the con artists are gone. Here are two prominent fling dating scams to avoid.

1. The Online Dating Gold Diggers


“They want your money”

These cons prey on caring individuals, those who are charitable. They make contact with them proclaiming shared passions then bring on the charm. As soon as they are assured they have claimed their target, they begin with depressing tales about how difficult it is bringing up children by themselves and they cannot finance all sorts of stuff for them. Some might even go as far as to claim that their relative is dying plus the medical expenses are adding up. Another good one is how they lost their work and do not really know what they are going to do. There are a lot more sob stories to tell, but by now, you must get the point.
After telling you their unfortunate story, they will eagerly point at whatever they would want, usually either cash or items. Their victim, feeling sorry for them and very much convinced they will ultimately share a life in unison, succumbs and delivers what they desire. Then they carry on and send stuff like cash, electronics, computers, fine jewelry, and in some cases airline tickets. Some of the bolder scammers might even show up at the airport, and they expect their victim to pay for everything including accommodation, food and other expenses. They might even go as far as to indulge in sexual activities with their victims, using them in every possible way that they can. If the victim asks for assistance or some money back for anything, the scammer will discontinue contact and move on, realizing that their money well has dried up. These con artists are highly proficient as they have multiple accounts on various scam sites. It is imperative for you to identify these scammers, you can read about their scams on Get it on reviews, that is being
talked about on fling sites guide. They mention some scams about fake members, who scam people for money. This is one fling dating scam you would surely want to avoid.
Here are ways to avoid this type of fling dating scam:
Money cannot buy love and affection. If someone demands money for going out with you, they are scammers or prostitutes.
Love is not selfish. Therefore, if someone does not allow you to say no or causes you to feel badly for saying no, move on to another profile.

If they claim to have problems and you are willing to offer comfort and advice, yet they ask for monetary assistance, then their intentions are shady. Be wary of these people and do not be too eager to send cash or goods to them.
They do not seem to be interested in a serious relationship with you, like marriage, children, living together and so on. However, if they seem happy when you purchase them stuff or send cash, then discontinue the communication because they are only using you.
If they claim that people are out to get them, or that they hate the operators of dating sites, chances are they are notorious scammers, hiding in the shade. They will never admit that, but by their complaints and problems with everyone, you can tell that they are trouble makers.

2. The House Crashers

This kind does demand cash or items. Instead, they want to move in with you shortly after contact. They may seem like they are genuinely interested in a commitment, but after their desire is met, you will find out shortly what they were in for. They will eat your food items, watch your TV, make use of your Internet service continuing their online dating contacts, and even spend your cash without doing anything much to help you to return the favor. If you tactfully question their job search, they would get furious and accuse you of bossing them around or attempting to change them. If you put your foot down and make demands, they would simply pack up and move on to their next victim. These scammers will often seek wealthy people so that they can live for free, and not work.
Here are some ways to detect and avoid the free riders:
Consider knowing an individual for a long period before allowing them to live with you. If they are not employed, ask them why not. If you have been communicating for several months but they still do not have a job or made any effort to get one, this might be a good hint that they have no interest in acquiring one. It may be time to dump this type of person before he tries to move in.
Once they appear much too anxious to occupy your space, pretty much desperate, they might be looking for a place to stay due to necessity, not love.
Some might claim that they are currently living with an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, but they cannot leave until they have a place to stay. Although this might be a fact, you have to look into it carefully, because they might just be living with their current victim and seeking someone else to move in with.

Other Rules to Follow In Order To Avoid Fling Dating Scam


“Pay attention to details and you can easily spot a Scam”

1. Pay keen attention to grammar, language and spelling. Of course not everyone who is native English is perfect in grammar, but they would at least try to use some grammar software to help correct their mistakes. Scammers usually write without much care, and many are not English speakers but claim to be so.
2. Avoid responding to emails which have been sent to you almost immediately after initiating contact with the person. These are obvious fling dating scams.
3. Avoid sending money to anyone or paying for access or services on a website.
4. Avoid persons who claim to be U.S citizens but living or working abroad unless they can give definite responses about their background and other information that a U.S. citizen might know.

5. Do not ever reveal personal information such as your full name, home address, credit card data and so on until you are in a committed relationship with them or met them face to face.
6. Do not be lured to leave the dating site to communicate otherwise. Scammers will try to discourage you from communicating via the dating service for various reasons and ask for your email or Skype information so that they can contact you on a more intimate basis.
7. Utilize search engines and people search websites to check on someone’s name, email information and so on.
8. Use paid fling dating sites as scammers rarely pay for dating opportunities.
9. Scan photos of potential suitors using This will scan billions of images online and indicate if the posted picture has been used before and where.
10. Do not fall for a sob tale. In order to gain your sympathy and send money to them, many scammers will tell you sad stories about their unlucky lives. Avoid these people as much as possible.

These are just a few things to avoid in order to be safe on a fling dating site. There are many types of persons to look out for. Some are very subtle and cunning in their ways while others are obvious deviants. Just be vigilant while seeking romance. You certainly do not want to end up as a victim of fling dating scams.

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Jul 20

Booty Call Etiquette – 10 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Get Laid Tonight

Preserving a reliable booty call arrangement can be quite a challenge. If you meet someone on one of the many hookup online dating sites (like here:, it’s likely you’ve maximized the use of said hookup websites. However, the returns are worth the undertaking. The ability to call a lady you put your trust in for some steamy, uncommitted sex is surely an awesome thing. Having said that, when you have found the ideal girl, a person who loves sex, is sexually adventurous and curious about unconventional relationships, just how would you preserve the passion while not making her feel slutty or used? This is where your booty call etiquette comes in. The possibility of a sexy hook up is more than just a telephone call. Unless you just want to visit sites to get laid, here are 10 ways to guarantee you get laid tonight on a Booty Call.

1. Always Plan Booty Calls Ahead

Do not assume your sex friend is available every hour of the day anytime you want to roll in the hay, even if you met her on some sites to get laid. Phoning her at 3 a.m. after leaving a bar completely drunk is not a good idea. Booty call etiquette will indicate that she is not a convenience hookup or a last resort call. Even if she is the most sexually charged woman, she will most likely tell you to go take a hike if you woke her out of her sleep. The best thing to do is to always give notice in advance of your approach. Maybe you could call her prior to heading out for the evening to find out if she is willing and able to hook up with you later on. Besides, if you are a nasty drunk at each and every booty call, she could very well stop answering your phone calls in the near future. It is courteous to plan ahead of time and arrive at her house at a sensible hour and in an acceptable state of mind. Arranging a sexual rendezvous will not take the buzz out of the whole booty call thing.

2. Offer a Nice Gesture Sometimes

“Be ready with the arrangements”

“Be ready with the arrangements”

We all know the arrangement, make calls and get laid. But even though it was decided that the arrangement between both of you would be solely sexual, unromantic and not friendly, you could nonetheless give that lady some respect. Being a little nice sometimes is great for booty call etiquette. It is not a must that you have to pull her into bed the second you get together. Offer her a meal or a glass of wine and allow her to get comfortable and relaxed first. Additionally, it is not a bad idea to engage in some small talk to make the matter less tense. After you both settle down, allow her to take her own time to get comfortable. If she wants to, allow her to take a shower, fix her hair and do her makeup. Do not pressure her to leave if you are at your place, neither should you run away as soon as you get what you wanted, if you are at her place. Behaving in this manner will only send a bad signal, guaranteeing that you never get laid with her again.

3. Always Be Prepared

Never depend on a woman to bring condoms. Remember that you are the one who wants to get laid and it is you who would be using them. Be certain that you know up front if she is on some sort of contraceptive and if you are supposed to bring along the condoms. Even though she is your usual sex buddy, you are not in a committed relationship, thus protection is critical. A lady will respect and be willing to sleep with a responsible man.

4. Hygiene Is Important

“Hygiene is always important”

“Hygiene is always important”

It is important to practice good hygiene to have a pleasurable sexual experience. Once you are planning on exposing yourself to her on a regular basis, take a daily shower, wear clean clothes, groom yourself and practice oral cleanliness. If you are smelly in the wrong places, she will certainly be turned off and your sexual experience is guaranteed to be dull. She might refuse to kiss you or give oral sex if she believes that you are not taking care of yourself. Poor hygiene can lead to poor health and will adversely affect your chances of getting laid.

5. Do Not Act Like a Porn Star

Though you might be tempted to attempt a few of the more extreme sex moves that you have seen on porn shows, don’t. You may want to use your booty call as an opportunity to experiment since she is just your sex friend and not your girlfriend. However, simply because she is your Sex friend does not mean that she enjoys deep throat, anal or facials. Maybe an anonymous person from one of those sites to get laid will be more open to try your moves. Otherwise, be sure to get the go ahead directly from your booty call before attempting any porno moves on her that she might find grotesque or offensive. Get her opinion about the moves and find out whether or not she wants to have a go at them. She may be more willing than the average girl, but do not assume that she will always be an eager participant.

6. Keep Your Private Meetings Private

“Keep things Private”

“Keep things Private”

Do not make her connections with you a public affair. Do not tell everyone about your special arrangement. It would be very immature to do so. Treat her like a regular friend if you see her on the street. Keep your hands off of her when she is relating to her friends and to yours. Also, do not embarrass her by talking about sex in public. Remember, you are not relating to someone from sites to get laid. She is your casual friend who deserves your respect and her privacy. Observe your booty call etiquette and keep your meetings and plans secret so that they do not affect your personal lives. If you violate her privacy in any way, be prepared to service yourself tonight.

7. Show Your Booty Call Some Respect

Your friend does not owe you any favors; neither do you owe her any. Your arrangement is purely platonic. However, like with any other person who you relate to on whatever grounds, respect is key. Be polite to her and be respectful in any way you can. She will be willing to sleep with you at your convenience simply because you showed her some manners and respect.

8. Offer to Come To Her Place

“Make her comfortable by offering to go to her place”

“Make her comfortable by offering to go to her place”

This is the polite thing to do. Save her the hassle and cost of having to come to your house for sex. This will allow her to have enough time to prepare herself for you, and while she can stay in her home after sex, you can leave whenever you want to. The bottom line is if you offer to come to her place, you will be more likely to get laid.

9. Get Her Off Too

Do not think that a booty call is for your needs only. It is a two-way street. You are both consenting partners, expecting mutual satisfaction and gratification. If you want your booty call to continue, then make your meetings special and something to remember by. If she is not pleased, bored out of her wits or feel left out of the erotic experience, then your arrangement might soon come to a premature end. If you are not wasted, have some great sex together.

10. Do Not Nose About In Her Personal Business

Some men think it is their duty to push their noses in their booty call business. Avoid asking her things about her dating and personal life. If you do not want more than just sex, avoid being jealous of her because she is hooking up with other men or has a boyfriend. If you want more than just a sexual fling, then ask her out on a date.

A booty call arrangement is simple; you text or call a lady, tell her how lonely you are, and find out if she wants to have sex. That is the whole point, right? However, you have to realize that ladies will react to a man who understands booty call procedures and employs them. These Meetups are expected to occur with no strings attached, but they often cross emotional territories. Once you learn how to get past all the possible obstacles, you will be on your way grinding with success.

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May 08

Top 3 MS Surface apps of 2013 

The Microsoft Surface is one of the leading tablets in the market. Right from its inception, it has been compared to Android and iPhone. The fact is that Microsoft came up with this tablet in order to stay in the competition with these two Tablet giants. By the time Surface hit the market, Android and iPhone had already made a name for them selves. Even though, MS Surface has been able to create its own target audience and this in itself is a great achievement.

One of the prime reasons why this tablet has been able to take giant strides is because of its amazing applications. For a Tablet to gain popularity, applications play a very important role. Here are 3 MS Surface apps that certainly give any other Tablet a run for its money.

Toolbox for Windows 8

This is a free application. It allows the user to download different tools that can be extremely useful. Notifier, Weather app, clock, voice notes app, calculator and a doodler are some of the tools that you can download using Toolbox for Windows 8. Although, none of these tools are innovative or something that you may not have come across earlier, but they are all useful and this makes them essential. Another highlight of this application is that you can have as many as six tools at a time that will be displayed on the screen. This way, you get to use multiple tools at the same time, something that you would do with Windows 7. For instance – you can have the weather app, clock, Facebook and webpage running at the same time on your screen.

Android and iPhone

Android and iPhone

Multimedia 8

One of the issues with Tablets has been that they do not play videos in different formats. When Microsoft Surface was introduced to the world, it was speculated that this problem would persist with this device as well. Fortunately for millions of users, you have the opportunity to download Multimedia 8. This is an application that allows you to stream videos in almost every format. Hence, if you have got a lot of footage to watch in MP4 format, Multimedia 8 is the perfect solution. The application also enables you to play music in different formats. 3D rendering, video subtitles and video stabilization are some of the amazing features of this application.

Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8

Metro Commander

One of the challenges with Tablets is navigating files with the help of Metro Interface. File Explorer is something that can be accessed through Desktop mode. However, making use of desktop mode is probably not the best idea when it comes to handling a Tablet.

Metro Commander is a fantastic application that lets you access File System with the help of Metro Interface.

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May 06

Understanding Men

Men and women are very different creatures. Both of them have different expression, feelings, thoughts and doings. Because of such differences, women have difficulty in understanding their men. However, women are well aware of the need for understanding their man. Without a proper understanding, it becomes very hard to keep relationships at their best. Women need to understand that men communicate very differently. Unlike women, men do not express their problems as promptly as they do. Men need space and time with their problems. They will often bottle up their problems or feelings and will only share them if they are ready. If they share the issue before they are ready to their ego gets hurt. This is because most men are egoistic individuals who want to make an effort to try to solve the problem on their own. Therefore, women need to understand that men will share only when they are ready and if they are pushed, the relationship can at a risk.

Also, when it comes to understanding men, women must also know that they have a different style of dealing with their issues. Once their issue is shared, they want a solution rather than a long discussion. Women on the other hand prefer a discussion, but men do not. Therefore, women should try to think of possible solutions of the issues rather than paying attention to detail. Women should also understand a man’s importance for sex. Men lack the urge for romance. For men, sex is wanted every day and it allows them to connect with their partners. Women need to understand that the physical relation is very important to men.

Understanding Men :Learn the  Insights on Men to Ease your Worries

Understanding Men :Learn the Insights on Men to Ease your Worries

Women must also understand that men are very straightforward in their expression. Therefore, when they express their disapproval or approval over an issue, they mean it. Unlike women, they do not say things and later change them, once they have said something that is exactly what they mean. Therefore, women need to learn to take their men seriously. And lastly, men do not like being controlled. Men by nature are narcissist individuals who feel hurt if their women dedicate every move of theirs. Men like to be their own boss; therefore they will often go out of their way to prove that. In such situations, women will need to remind men of how they need them in their worlds, so they feel useful, needed and in control. Men, frequently need an ego boost every now and then from their women.

We all want to have healthy relationships

We all want to have healthy relationships

No doubt it is very difficult to understand men, but unfortunately it is even more difficult for them to understand women. Mainly because, there are too many difference amongst men and women. However, with the above tips and explanations, women can understand their men better. In order to have a healthy relationship, women should always visualize how their men would feel in a certain situation, so that they know of what acts to do and what to avoid. This will also allow women to understand their views better too.

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May 04

How to Win Arguments Every Time

Arguments are when two or more individuals have a disagreement about something. But when the arguing parties refuse to give in to the other(s); and you just want to win the argument no matter what! Then, you will be happy to know that there steps that you can take in order to win your arguments every time.

  • First and foremost you will need to make your concept of winning a bit flexible. You cannot go through life believing that everyone must agree with your thoughts; you could end up with no friends.

  • Understand that you don’t have to agree with a person in order to walk away from them with the feelings of winning firmly in place. You also do not need to make sure that you prove them wrong and make them agree with you. The main purpose of being able to win arguments is to be able to get the other part or parties to listen to what you have to say on the subject.

  • Take a closer look at what winning arguments actually mean to you. A wholesome outlook is when the arguing parties have their say. If the other party walks away knowing that you paid attention, then the person is much likely to pay attention to you too. Something’s gotta give for you to win an argument.

    How to Win an Argument

    How to Win an Argument

How to Win An Argument Every Time

  1. Get the other person to trust you; this can be achieved by simply listening to the person and not saying a word. Allow the person talk and do not ignore what is being said. Acknowledge what the other party said – this way, they will know that you paid attention and understood the points they raised.

  1. Ensure that you have made it clear that you valued their opinion on the matter. If you do not agree, clearly state it with no anger or hatred. Using a calm voice, explain the reason(s) why you see things differently.

  1. Depending on the kind of person you are arguing with, the other individual might try to cut you off or interrupt you. In a calm voice, remind the person that you gave him/her the chance to air their views without interrupting them and that you would want them to extend the same courtesy to you. Saying this will typically put a stop to the behaviour. If it does not, repeat it

    Arguing Your Way to a Strong Score

    Arguing Your Way to a Strong Score

  2. Finally, as soon has you have aired your views, pay attention to the other party’s reply. The secret is controlling the tempo using your listening and temperament skills. Typically, when two or more people disagree, there is an obvious reason why. You can win the arguments by simply finding that reason.

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May 01

Loans: What are the best 3 loan types for students?

Learning and knowing more about the different types of student loans available will help you decide on the right loan for your studies and save you a lot in the long-run. Below are 3 of the best loan types for students.

Stafford Loans

These are the most common types of student loans currently available in the US. Basically anyone who wants a Stafford qualifies, just as long as they apply for it. The requirements for this type of loan are that; you have to be a US citizen and do not owe any debts to the federal government. This loan comes in two categories, subsidized loans and unsubsidized loans.

A subsidized loan is one where there government pays for all loan interests whilst you study. In addition to this, the interest on such a loan will be much lower. However with an unsubsidized loan, you’ll have to pay for all the interest that occurs whilst you are in school. If you do not want to make these payments whilst still in school you could always defer them to a time after you complete your studies. Before you begin your Stafford loan repayment, you’ll need to choose the most suitable repayment option among several others. The repayment plans are; standard repayment plan, graduated repayment plan and income based repayment plan.

PLUS Loans

PLUS loans are accessible to parents in order to pay for their child’s studies. These loans enable parents to access them and pay for their child’s or children’s college studies. This loan type has very low interest rates, and it comes with a discount on your interest rate if you choose to enroll with an automatic payment program. With a PLUS loan there’s also an option of you deducting the interest to pay from your income. This could save you a lot on tax.

PLUS Loans

PLUS Loans

Perkins Loans

This is another type of student loan that you ought to fully take advantage of. The Perkins loan is another federal loan similar to the Stafford loan. The only difference with this type of loan from the Stafford is that the loan is directly issued by that particular educational institution you’ll be attending. To qualify for this loan, you’ll have to enroll in any of the 1800 educational institutions that qualify for the program.

The main purpose of the Perkins loan is to help those in serious financial need study in institutions of higher education. Although every citizen can qualify for the Stafford loan, this loan is more selective in that prior to receiving the loan, you’ll have to fill a FASA form that the federal government will use to determine your level of financial need. They will look at your family’s income and other things such as, whether or not your siblings are in college too.

Perkins Loans

Perkins Loans

These are the best types of student loans in the US. You certainly can’t afford not to get any one of them.

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Apr 29

My favourite 3 movies this year

The super heroes are the one mimicked by kids and even elders like to watch the. This year had some super heroes impressing one and all.

Dredd: is a science fiction thriller which takes you to a futuristic realm. Here there are no courts or judges. The police can be a judge or even execute for crimes. In this movie America is a waste land destructed by x-rays and exposure. We have a Mega City One on the east coast which is only chaos as criminals roaming and spreading violence in the city. To add to the woes is a new drug called SLO MO which is said to alter reality the minute it is consumed. In fact it acts according to its name and slows down a person and makes him sluggish. Karl Urban is judge Dredd and he and his assistant who is a trainee are hunting a band of men who have may have some answers to the newly spread drug epidemic. The action is crisp and sticks to the original character which was played by Sylvester Stallone in the 1995 classic. In this movie too Dredd never takes his helmet off. With the progress in years and crime, the judges here are far more violent and uncompromising. This movie is adapted from a comic book and has been a bit underrated. The director has made good use of the 3D visuals, and Karl Urban has essayed a perfect role of a cold and calculated man who can mouth off those cool confident one liners at ease.

The Avengers: The film was a big grosser of the year that just scooped up all the heroes of the Marvel comics in one banner. We have The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black widow and Iron Man and what a formidable team they are. When the peace and security of the world is threatened by an enemy it is left to Nick Fury the Director of the international peace keeping security to get the force together and fight for a cause. This is a brilliantly cinematographed movie which moves you emotionally to imagine what could happen if super heroes do exist. The Avengers is a great film and kudos to director Whedon for putting the characters together so vividly and inter-mingling some subtle humour especially from Captain America.

Karl Urban

Karl Urban

The Amazing Spiderman: It is almost 50 years that Spiderman(Peter Parker )has been around and he is still the swinging crawling superhero loved by all. Andrew Garfield is the new Spiderman. He has no memory of Jane and that brings Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacey as his new girlfriend. She is more inquisitive and also seems passionate about Parker’s spidery senses. Spiderman ) discovers some startling clues that might lead him to discover the truth behind his parent’s disappearance. His quest now brings him to with DR. Curt Conner’s who is said to have his father’s partner. Here he takes on the Lizard who is none else than DR. Conners. The last half hour of the film has packed in all the action one was waiting to see.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker

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